CE Secure Encrypted Flash Drive

Quickly transfer and securely carry digital files wherever your business takes you. It’s ideal for multimedia presentations, important documents and files.

Encrypted Flash Drives Protect Your Data

The CE Secure Flash Drive gives you powerful access control and encrypted data protection on Windows-based systems. With the "on-board" CE Secure software, you can set password access control to the drive that utilizes 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption. The CE Secure Flash Drive is a totally self-contained solution – the included CE Secure software travels with the drive, so there is nothing to install on the host machine. If lost, this advanced encryption system will continue to protect the data, even under the toughest conditions.

The CE Secure Flash Drive includes a virtual keyboard to defeat key loggers and also includes a pass phrase time-out to defeat brute force attacks.Designed to utilize the high bandwidth of the USB 2.0 High-Speed interface, the CE Secure Flash Drive transfers your data in with impressive read and write speeds of up to Read 30 MB/sec; Write 15 MB/sec.The CE Secure Flash Drive automatically locks when removed from the USB port, so you can unplug with confidence when On-The-Go. With no software to install, the only requirement is to setup your secure passphrase.

• USB 2.0 high-speed interface
• Data transfer rates of up to 30 MB/sec.: read; 15 MB/sec.: write
• Supports admin and user passphrases
• Government grade AES 256 bit encryption
• Virtual keyboard for passphrase entry
• Automatically locks when unplugged
• Leaves no system footprint
• Supports Windows 7, Vista, XP, Server 2003 (R2) and 2008 (R2)
• Backed by a three-year limited warranty

Notice: This product requires the user to have Admin Rights to the PC. In a corporate environment, we offer a solution that allows this product to work in a Controlled Non-Admin environment. Please call.

If you require a non-Admin rights encrypted flash drive, please refer to our other products: CE-Secure Vault Flash Drive.




CE Secure Encrypted Flash Drive
Picture of CE Secure Encrypted Flash Drive 32GB Capacity
CE Secure Encrypted Flash Drive 32GB Capacity
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